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Should You Install a Sliding Garage Door?

Should You Install a Sliding Garage Door?

Should I Install A Sliding Garage Door?

Sliding garage doors come in two different configurations. There is the single-panel style, and a two-panel, or bi-parting doors. Sliding garage doors are also versatile in that they are available in many different colours and designs. You can add different hardware as well to customise your choice. Sliding garage doors can contain windows, and woodwork to match the look of your home and increase the curb appeal of your property.

There are also several advantages to sliding garage doors. They include the following:

They Are simple to operate

Sliding garage doors can be installed with either a manual or electric operating system. As this style of garage door has a track that moves from side to side rather than up and down like traditional overhead garage doors, they are easy to open or close. This is one of the selling features as you can simply access your garage in case of a power outage with little effort.

They offer security

A sliding garage door is secure. Each one contains a stopping post that keeps the garage airtight when the door is closed and keeps the area secure. The strength of the cables and tracks also ensures that when the sliding garage door is closed, it remains closed and cannot be entered by anyone not authorised to open it for entry.

They Come In Different Materials

A sliding garage door is easy to match the rest of your home from colour to design. Plus, if you are trying to create a specific kind of visual with your garage, sliding garage doors come in various materials to help you achieve that look. You can choose from steel, wood, PVC, glass or fibreglass-reinforced plastic and they fit into any budget so you can get the one you need.

They are easy to install

Installation of a sliding garage door is quite simple. They are kept in place by two different track systems. One at the top, and another at the bottom. The top track bears the load while the bottom track helps guide the door from side to side. Both tracks are strong and durable with the bottom one either installed on the garage floor or recessed into the ground.

They are Convenient

If your garage does not have a high ceiling, a sliding garage door is likely your best solution. If you intend to use your garage space for storage, a sliding garage door gives you quick and easy access to the stored contents. Plus, sliding garage doors come in either a single panel or a split configuration of two different panels that can open on either side for entry in between them.

They Operate Quietly

If you have opted to have your sliding garage door open and close electronically, one of the first things you should notice is how quiet it is. A traditional garage door comes with a loud motor that you mount on the ceiling of your garage. A sliding garage door does not require as much power to pull it from side to side compared to pulling it up or pushing it down.

They Allow Entry Without Ducking

While we’re talking about getting in or out of the garage to retrieve or return something, with a traditional garage door you may have to duck your head for access, which could risk you getting hurt. With a sliding garage door, even with it open just enough to access, you have the full height of the garage opening which means complete clearance without the need to duck. This will allow you to better convert your garage to a home office or additional living area.

They Keep Your Garage Insulated

From time to time, you will want to enter your garage. Maybe you are getting a tool from a toolbox or returning a pair of pruning shears. With a traditional garage door, you have to open it completely to enter or exit. With a sliding garage door, you only need to open it wide enough to get in or out. This keeps warm air inside and cold air outside.

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In Conclusion

Sliding garage doors are a great option if space is an issue and you are using your garage for storage of more than a vehicle. They provide easy access, are durable, and secure, and offer various styles and designs to fit your needs.

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